About Us

You can't change the world of application design without a wide array of talent.
We've amassed a team of exceptional, high-caliber individuals to lead PixelFree Studio:



Philipp Geppert

Philipp has founded and served as an executive for several international projects and has over a decade of C-Level experience. He helped Silver Arrow Group to set up their European Operations in Prague. In 2017 he founded the eSports.com AG and participated in a successful multi-million-dollar ICO.



Solomon Hartman

Solomon Hartman is a serial entrepreneur and strategic investor with over fifty years of investment experience. His diverse background and wealth of knowledge foster PixelFree's can-do culture, providing invaluable discipline while augmenting our depth of intellectual resources.



Felix Förster

Felix is a seasoned business professional with extensive experience in stewarding start-up companies from inception through reaching their full potential. Felix’s steady hand and efficient financial practices are critical for supporting day-to-day operations.



Bakhtiar Ali Shah

Bakhtiar is a Full Stack Developer, SAP Systems expert and IT System and Network administrator with a Masters Degree in Embedded Systems. His organizational skills allow him to lead the development team and set Pixelfree Studio up for success.


General Counsel

Daniel Benoit

Daniel’s comprehensive past focus on business law and civil rights make him the ideal person to shepherd our legal team. Daniel’s emphasis on compliance and security ensure the smooth legal operations of our organization.


Legal Counsel

Larry Fox

Larry Fox began his career in 1990 as a corporate attorney at the prestigious law firm of Rogers and Wells (now Clifford Chance), one of the largest law firms in the world. He specialized in mergers and acquisitions, general corporate structuring, and negotiations. He has advised many Fortune 500 companies and high-end clientele, such as entities controlled by business icon, Carl Icahn. He currently serves as General Counsel for a world-renowned marketing and branding company based out of New York in addition to providing invaluable outside counsel to PixelFree.


Brand Manager

Thomas Wickart

Thomas serves as our Swiss-born brand architect, digital pioneer, speaker, networker, and new work evangelist. He takes great pride in connecting people, offerings, and sharing knowledge. Thomas’ network and experience make him an invaluable member of our team.


Relationship Manager

Barbara Grant-Asamoah

Barbara is an IR (International Relations) student that has an affinity to writing especially in the English language as well as content creation. Given her diplomatic skills she is able to relate and navigate through the IT environment of the team.


Lead Designer

Fabian Sattler

Fabian’s incredible vision and imagination inspire his work as our graphic designer and 3D artist throughout all aspects of our media. He specializes in creating highly functional and innovative layouts, logos, designs, and animations. He also has significant experience in producing 3D animated short films.


Affiliate Director

Jay Desmoort

Jay is an avid technology and communication enthusiast, passionate about digital marketing, with more than ten years of experience in marketing and affiliate acquisition. Fluent in English, Spanish and French.


Lead programmer

Erwins Saget

Erwins is is a proud Haitian-American, born and raised in Jamaica, Queens. Before joining the team, Erwins taught at the Marcy Lab School enjoys being able to connect students' classroom learning to the crazy things that they may encounter in "the real world". Prior to that, Erwins was a software engineer at Cognizant. In his free time, he is an avid runner.


Senior Developer

Ralf Tribus

Ralf is a second-generation programmer who realized his love for coding when he was only eleven years old. He has an abundance of experience in programming across many languages, especially in terms of coding complex software and games.


Senior Developer

Jacob Israel

Jacob’s vast knowledge and expertise over decades of programming, with an emphasis in iOS development, aid us in creating superior products for our valued clients.


Marketing Consultant

Alex Krämer

Alex is a creative specialist in both online and offline marketing. Vía his agency Zweiplan, he provides invaluable insight and support keeping us on the cutting edge of digital media.



Leonard Knauß

Leonard is a specialist in Java and developing complex algorithms who enjoys troubleshooting problems and tackling challenging software designs.



Melina Wonn

Melina is a student of life and computer science. She has a top-tier background in problem-solving and trouble-shooting at world-renowned companies.


Account Management

Ajeththika Pushpakumar

Ajethika’s bachelor’s degree in international tourism management helps her navigate managing both our team and international clientele. She provides key support and management throughout our company.