PixelFree Studio Release Tracker

We strive to release new features quickly to ensure that you are using the most up-to-date version of PixelFree Studio.

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1.6.4 2023-05-15

New Features:

Added accessibility settings.

Bug fixes:

Made the current theme visible.

Fixed rotation axis loading & formatting.

Fixed unbinding issues.

Fixed size of figma windows on small Screens.

1.5.2 2023-05-03

New Features:

Import projects from Figma.

Bug fixes:

Fixed ComboBox styling

Fixed SVG clipping in export.

1.4.27 2023-04-25

Bug fixes:

Fixed position of borders in the export.

Project remains readable after folder was renamed.

Fixed handling of whitespaces in file paths.

Fixed image saving bug.

Fix copying of big nested groups.

Fixed export bug for Accordion component.

Fixed project loading with faulty values.

Fixed BoundingBox for labeled components.

Fixed default Smart Division.

1.4.17 2023-03-22

New Features:

Added default text to the paragraph.

Make paragraph support other font sizes.

Bug fixes:

Fixed default image export on Mac.

Fixed a bug where the paragraph remained editable after export.

Prevented deletion of assets.

Fixed dragging of SmartDivisions when zoomed in/out.

Fixed the bug preventing the loading of constraints.

Fixed duplication of layouts with children.

Fixed size of exported labeled components.

Prevent negative width and height at project creation.

1.2.9 2023-02-27

New Features:

Enabled pasting components to a specific position.

Customizable mask characters for the password field.

Added BackgroundImage repeat types.

Bug fixes:

Fixed icon positioning in labeled components.

Updated sign-up link.

Fixed SmartDivisions bug.

Remove unused property changes on export.

Prevented duplicate IDs caused by the Library.

Fixed a Bug where Text Fields could not be selected.

Fixed component deletion.

Update links after page renaming.

Fix themeEditor styling on Mac.