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Create stunning app designs that can be converted entirely into native code for any platform you target.

About Us

Familiar tools of the trade

Design apps for any system or language graphically. Custom controls, vectors, animations, responsiveness—designers have powerful tools to express even their most ambitious designs.

Change is inevitable. And now it's easy.

Making changes to your app design is simple. At any time, you can re-export your updated UI design without affecting existing code created by backend developers.

Seamless transition from design to development.

No need to separate your design elements for developers to recreate in code. You can export your completed designs directly into native code with a single click.


No need to separate your design elements for developers to recreate in code. You can export your completed designs directly into native code with a single click.

Full Vector support

Draw. Import. Manipulate. No need for redundant images for different screen sizes. Create assets that won’t lose quality with scaling for a fraction of the file size.

Group and nest your graphics

Think big by starting small. Create your smallest elements. Group them into larger ones. Nest them in other groupings. Your assets are all reusable; the templates you build with them are all highly customizable.

Project-wide design changes

Edit your master elements and have your changes apply instantly to all uses within a project, or use the master element to create a unique element for a specific purpose.


At any point in the design process, you can view the prototype or edit the UI. Review states, animations, hovers, clicks, transforms, and more in real time.

Responsive smart divisions

Want total control over your responsiveness? Smart divisions have you covered. Reposition or tweak your UI elements so they display precisely how you want for any device width you specify.

UI Biasing

Let’s face it, there are some key differences in how iOS and Android apps look and operate. UI biasing allows you to account for the design conventions inherent in each and create a UI biased specifically for each platform.

Prototyping. App building. The distinction is invisible.

Every design choice you make in PixelFree Studio adds to a tree structure of data created for your app. At any point, you can export the UI design to get the native code rendering of it instantly.

Synergy with developers (focus on the handoff, not synergy)

There’s no need for a frontend developer to implement your UI designs and graphics. You can export the entire design into native code all at once (developers will thank you). XML files, etc (include all relevant files that come from export).

One design, native everywhere

Your designs can be exported to either iOS or Android or both—providing you with 100% native code for each. No more random inconsistencies in code. Everything is clean code, every time.

Freedom from frameworks

Frameworks inevitably come with a penalty to performance. PixelFree Studio bypasses the need for them by translating your entire UI directly into native code. This means you get complete compatibility, efficiency, and performance. As a result, a project created from PixelFree Studio can be opened in any IDE that was targeted without the need to download any libraries or even PixelFree Studio itself.

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