FAQ Everything you need to know about PixelFree

PixelFree uses a four-step process to create native design files

  1. Create your designs using PixelFree design editor. Add your existing digital assets (Ex. images, video) to the design.
  2. Use Preview Mode to see what your design will look like in a live environment.
  3. Export your designs to the target platform's project (Ex. iOS).
  4. Run your project to view the designs as they appeared in the PixelFree design editor.
We guarantee 99% accuracy on any and all platforms. Fonts, borders, line spacing can vary slightly depending on OS. We continually strive for %100 accuracy.
Yes! Your designs are 100% adaptable to the target device size.
Yes!! Depending on your platform and IDE, your UI will be completely runnable and ready to be programmed. Representations of buttons and states, will be real native buttons with your states, complex list items will have all the necessary adapters and interfaces for the backend programmers. If your target environment is Android Studio/Java, you will receive a project that can be run immediately and a natural point of access for your backend developers.
Definitely. PixelFree lets you embed animation, video, and audio right into your design files. Your programmers may access these media objects directly from their code! For animation, there is no other tool that allows the visual manipulation of animations through a timeline and then exports to native code.
PixelFree Studio is constantly expanding the range of projects that you can export your designs to. License purchases today allow you to use project templates that are developed in future providing incredible value to your company.
The PixelFree team is constantly updating their product offerings including new templates for upcoming and existing technologies. If you don't see your technology listed, please contact us, and we can offer a custom solution.
PixelFree Studio is designed to operate in the following operating systems:
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
All of your designs are transmitted securely from the PixelFree client to the our servers using end-to-end encryption. Furthermore, your designs are converted, but never stored on our servers, so you won't need to worry about unauthorized access.
PixelFree is backed by a 3-day return policy.

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