PixelFree Studio was designed to allow developers and designers to create dynamic, comprehensive, screen resolution independent UIs that can be exported to any native language/IDE in project form.

Most frameworks claim to be "native," but don't be fooled -- it merely means that the library you are scripting is built natively. The graphic designer does not benefit, and the gap between design to back-end remains intact. Frameworks allow developers to create an application once and deploy it across a few platforms, but it does not eliminate the second step of UI integration.

The old way has no native support for vectors such as SVG, AI, EPS, PDF in any language. Vectors are essential to designers, as they can be resized on-the-fly based on screen size, dynamic coloring and animations. PaintCode is among the tools that allow users to draw and animate vectors, then export those graphics as code snippets that can be incorporated into a native application. While useful, they're only code snippets, so the implementation still takes longer than using bitmaps. Worst of all, it does not give proper control to the designer or bridge the gap to the back-end.

Designers also need control of the resolution/screen size of the UI. However, most frameworks do not offer a way to do this. At best, designers might have access to the simplest options: smaller, small, normal, large, larger. That provides some control for responsiveness, but designers and developers still don't have a way to visually manipulate this or create user-defined regions.

1. PixelFree Studio produces accurate native code that matches the artist’s intended visual expression with 99% accuracy.
2. Without PixelFree Studio, this would take UI developers days, weeks or even months to write -- depending upon the size of the application.
3. Once the application is designed, select the language and platform you want to target.
4. From there your application will be sent to the server where it will be translated to native code.

Projects can be shared and opened freely and worked on simultaneously, even complex vectors will be translated into human readable code using the native OS paint methods of the target.

Import vectors and bitmaps from Sketch, PhotoShop and Illustrator, along with PDFs. Or create your own within PixelFree Studio.

Absolutely you can. This is a key primary benefit of using of our Software.

No, you can work independently within the PixelFree Software.

It all depends on the size of your project. Most programmers find themselves working 400% more efficiently or better. However, take advantage of your free trial offer and decide for yourself.